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Ira Zayats


For a software dev like me who has no idea how to create a cute hand-drawn dashed line, this course just 100% works. I feel like Jack is answering all the questions I had, it’s a perfect fit + likely the funniest course I ever purchased ❤️

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Marketer + Designer

I’m pivoting to design and have been taking different courses but this is my fave one by far — actually showing how designer approaches designing is incredibly helpful for a self-taught gal like me!

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Justin Jackson


Bought Jack McDade's course on design. Going through it now...and it is SO well done!

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It's going to be something, really. A little switch has already flipped in me where I'm seeing a lot of playfulness in my experiments that wasn't there previously. Loving it.

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Jason Beggs


I've already been through a good bit of this course. To say it's radical would be an understatement!

Watch the intro to the intro on the landing page to get a taste of the course's style. I guarantee it's different than anything you've ever seen (in a good way)!

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IRON Mike Steadman

Brand Strategist

Great work with the course. I love supporting fellow entrepreneurs and I appreciate you for what you do. I've already got my ROI back.

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I'm just starting out and resonate with it. Already feeling the pressure to follow best practices. Making everything component and using auto layout. All of these limit my ability to iterate and box me in. As I progress through the course. It's making me feel less anxious about it. 😊 Thanks man! 🙏

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This course is really great @Jack McDade, very well done. Designing has always been a pain to me when building websites, more of a necessary evil. Taking your approach on designing things actually makes it fun, more natural and overall easier. Never imagined that was possible for me. Will definitely spread the word for this course.

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Sheldon Kotyk


The resources page alone is worth the price of the course.

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Course "finished". Just exceptional. Thank you so much, Jack, you smashed it. I'll stick around here and share my trials and triumphs as I apply the lessons to projects.

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Chris Fidao


You know this course is good because the Telegram back channels are alive with comments like "wow Jack's course is so good!"

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Definitely worth it. Even if you think you don't have the talent to make good designs the tools and techniques Jack shares are very approachable and you can do it!

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Mohit Momoria


I am halfway through it and have learned things I have never heard before in the last 15 years of making websites.

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Joshua Wood


Doing some reps w/ @jackmcdade. Love the production on these videos. Super fun and engaging.

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Mikaël Sévigny


Jack’s course is the most refreshing take on teaching graphic design that I’ve come across. It’ll fill your head to the brim with ideas, resources, techniques and, most importantly, the itch to create.

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Alexandru Vlăduţu


This is not your standard course, it's about getting your hands dirty and learning by doing. And Jack does provide the setup to get you going.

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Isaac Castillo


I've waited for this class for a while and it has not disappointed. The practices and process taught through the course are both entertaining and practical. It has sparked my interest in design again and I can't wait to use what I am learning on my next projects.

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Jesse Leite


If a vim-loving keyboard-soldering backend-nerd like me can learn design, you can too. I would buy Jack's course over toilet paper any day! 🧻

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Hugo Javadi


Course “finished”. Just exceptional. Thank you so much, Jack, you smashed it. I'll stick around here and share my trials and triumphs as I apply the lessons to projects.

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Your "Into to the Intro" nearly made me cry. I'm glad you decided not to put yourself in a box and instead embraced a more "radical" approach.

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Rich Johnson


I'm not even halfway through the course, but man, it's like I've totally scored my money's worth already! Back in the day, I was all about that rigid design life, sticking to grids, being Mr. Consistent, always playing it safe with symmetry—aka, the snooze fest of design. But Jack's vibe? It's like a whole new level of rad!

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Got a request to create a design for a landing page because a client also liked the redesign of my personal website after I took this course. Never planned selling a design, this request basically came out of nowhere. Also I never thought of myself as a designer. Feels like a new opportunity.

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