Section Two - Plan Like a Designer

Gather: Create From Abundance


Lesson Notes

One little trick I've found helpful in organizing screenshots of websites in my inspiration folders is to just jam everything I can into the filename. The domain name, what I liked about it, and so on. Yeah, use spaces and all valid punctuation. Do it. It feels good.

Example: inspiration/ - daft brush font and main hero area looks hotttt.jpg

This is so much easier than trying to find some app to upload your stuff into and pay $10/month for the privilege, it's just files. I love files. They're mine, all mine, and no one can take them away from me.

Of course you can bookmark websites, and I do (one folder per year – Inspiration 2023 is pretty jam packed), any site can be redesigned at any time. Make sure to take screenshots! can be a real pain when you're trying to track down something super specific.

I highly recommend keeping everything you collect for and experiment with on every project. You never know when you might need an unused idea in a project down the road.

Storage is cheap. Time is scarce. Hoard accordingly.

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